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Manga I'm into now:

Anime I'm into now:
Yowamushi Pedal

Anime I finished watching recently:
Love Stage

I really didn't think I'd get that into Yowamushi Pedal, but I was dead wrong… me and Noa have been talking about it non-stop since I sent her links to watch it online last week ^^;. T2 makes my heart go doki-doki, as well does Makishima's hair.


I'm exhausted from work… being an elementary school teacher this year has been a major energy suck, but I'm adapting as well as I can. Just tired.


My brother will come visit me here in Japan for the first time, so I'm really excited. I haven't seen him in more than 2 years, so I might cry when I see him. It'll be the first time in 6 years that I actually spend Christmas Day with a family member. That's pretty sad, but it is what it is, and I'll be so glad to see him.
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So many movies <3!

Let's see… yesterday, I watched 2 movies. One was called Jitters, and the other The Curiosity of Chance.

When I found Jitters, I searched on google for "gay movies happy ending." I KNOW THE SLANG FOR HAPPY ENDING (^^;;;), but I just wanted an actual happy ending. Anyway, JITTERS WAS NOT A HAPPY MOVIE. The ending was happy enough, I'll give it that, but omg, what a strange, sad, weird movie that was ^^;. I can't say I disliked it, but I can't say I liked it either. The main boy, Gabríel, was really pretty anyway, and I liked his way of coming out to his parents.
Best part of the movie: when Gabríel threw an ink pen at Markús to get him to SHUT UP so he could finish his homework, and then Markús asks him how he's going to finish his homework now without a pen XDD.
Moral of the movie: Icelandic people will drink you under the table every time.

The Curiosity of Chance
After watching Jitters, I was just ready to see something that didn't depress me… And this movie definitely was the light-hearted thing I was looking for <3. It was very funny, and the main character, Chance, as well as the support characters were loveable, and there was pretty sparkly drag queens… it had everything ^^! It reminds me of the movie But I'm a Cheerleader-- just a quirky, kind of fucked-up oddball comedy with some heart to it :D. Also, Chance and his romantic interest had a cute friendship going throughout the movie (when his love interest wasn't bullying him due to peer pressure, anyway).
Best part of the movie: It's a tie between Chance's top hat he sports at the beginning of the movie, and the lovely drag queen performances.
Worst part of the movie: I think the viewer is supposed to be wowed by Chance's musical/singing prowess, but I totally didn't buy it ^^;;;.

On a different note, I watched the TV series Broadchurch, which is an 8 part series (crime/detective story). Freaking amazing, and horrible, and amazing <3. David Tennant (the 10th Doctor) is just about all I need to love something, and then Arthur Darvill (Rory, the 11th Doctor's male companion) was sprinkled in there too (as the vicar, lol XD), which made it all the better <3. It was devastating to watch, but I binged the whole series in a day and a half. It would have been less time, but I had to go to work in the middle of watching the series XD.

Right now, I'm watching another movie called Rock Haven, and it kind of sucks so far… but the conversations in it are so weird and awkward and stilted, so it's keeping me slightly entertained XD;.

[On the beach, Clifford streeeeeetches his arms, and his towel falls out of his bag. Brady runs to pick it up after a long hesitation, and walks toward Clifford to give it back… apparently he got too nervous to give it back or something, though? so he starts to walk away, but Clifford unintentionally stretches out his legs, tripping Brady and making him face plant into the sand]
Brady: [quickly gets up] You dropped your towel.
Clifford: [pats the space on the towel next to him and makes shifty eyebrows, indicating Brady should sit down]
Brady: Uhhhhh… okay. Just for a minute. [sits down]
[Clifford and Brady stare at each other super awkwardly]
Clifford: How old are you?
Brady: [looong pause, with a put upon arm fold] GUESS.
Clifford: [leans in more closely than Brady is comfortable with, scrutinizing] You barely shave. 13.
Brady: 18. Gimme a break! [looking genuinely confused as to why someone would say he looks 13, although Clifford was surely JOKING]
Clifford: [smiles slightly derpily] I'm 19.
Brady: [indignantly] It's not much difference!
Clifford: Maybe. [long pause, whilst he makes weird, shifty eyebrows] Maybe not.

WHO HAS CONVERSATIONS LIKE THIS >.>;;;? SO AWKWARD. Yet, entertaining (in a non-entertaining kind of way, I dunno XD).

EDIT: So, I just finished watching Rock Haven, and… THIS LIST OF MOVIES WITH HAPPY ENDINGS IS TOTALLY FAILING ME -.-;;;. Most of the movie was happy'ish, and then the ending was a TOTAL LETDOWN. Wtf. At least there was a ton of suuuuuuper incredibly awkward conversations that made it at least a bit entertaining. But yeah, this movie was like a really boring, crappy version of Latter Days. That movie was SO much better and more interesting (although still a bit odd XD). I might just rewatch it tonight to forget about this stink bomb I just watched XD.
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New job!

When I last posted here on LJ, I was in the midst of deciding whether to change jobs or not.

And I have! Months into my new job as an assistant English teacher (ALT), and things are going better that I could have (or would have) hoped. I've got more free time than I know what to do with, which is pretty surreal, as I spent the last few years at my previous job working myself into oblivion. In my new job, sometimes I unexpectedly get a day off, and I always feel like I'm almost doing something wrong, sitting around doing whatever I wish and still getting paid.

Usually I'm an ALT at a high school here in Yokohama 4 out of the 5 work days, but on Tuesdays, I'm a substitute teacher. I can be sent anywhere in my prefecture for sub work. The furthest I traveled was an hour and a half, but commute times have varied widely so far. It's cool to see all sorts of different schools, but when I'm sent to elementary schools, it's a bit rough sometimes ^^;;;. I got called an old lady, have been asked if I was pregnant, and got called "jumbo" on a few occasions by the little darlings. Being called fat is whatever, since I know I'll never be as willowy as most Japanese women, but being called old is sad XD. Regardless of the little demon kids, I still like the sub position. If there's no place they need me to sub at, I just get the day off (or rather, I'm "on call" without having to go in). Having little preparation time for such random assignments week to week is tough sometimes, but it's just one day of the week that's a possibility.

Recently, I'm thinking about starting some sort of new hobby, since I've got so much free time now. I already started doing something kind of weird (I dunno if you can say it's a hobby)-- doing nail art on my nails. The students always compliment it, so I like coming up with some new design every week XD.

Overall, I'm a lot more relaxed than I used to be. It's nice to reclaim a sort of social life, which I felt I was lacking at my previous job. Also, my new apartment is so great compared to my old place, so now that I have lots of free time, I actually have somewhere comforting to spend that time ^^. It might be too soon to say things are wonderfully fantastic or whatever, but at the moment, I definitely feel glad I made the leap to change things up.
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internet, FINALLY... but at what cost O.O? (an exciting story of near-death and redemption)

After about 8 months of internetlessness, I've finally got internet again <3. Like, internet I can use on my computer whenever I want. HOORAY ^o^! I wondered if this moment would ever come again XD;.

I found a way to plug my smartphone into my computer via USB and be able to connect my computer to the internet through my cellphone's internet connection <3. I don't completely understand how it works, but I only had to pay $10 for an app on my cellphone which makes that happen.

I've got an unlimited data plan on my cellphone, which charges me up to about 6,000 yen and anything over that is considered free... so, yeah, I really abused my smart phone's connection last month: downloading music off of iTunes I was yearning for, Skyping my family constantly, watching youtube to my heart's content, etc...

...and when I received my cellphone bill this month, it was 5,970 yen. Yay <3. But I checked the breakdown of charges on my bill, and got a BIG SHOCK O.O;.

There was a charge of 2,819,933 yen. Two-million-eight-hundred-nineteen-thousand-nine-hundred-thirty-three yen. Holy mother effing fuck. That's like $35,000. Of course, promptly after that charge, there was a deduction of 2,819,933 yen, due to me having a flat-rate plan for my internet data.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS... always have a freaking flat-rate plan in Japan. Just in case, for the love of god. I know I used my internet a lot last month, but not to the tune of $35,000. Japan is hecka expensive, especially about certain things. And super especially about overcharging for cellphone data services XD;.
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movie weekend!

Apparently this was movie weekend.
Holy crap, what all did I watch?

Random list:
Avatar the Last Airbender (awesome! needs a sequel, stat)
Bruno (oh god, so messed up)
Harry Potter 7.2 (so wonderful, good way to wrap up the movies)
I Love You Philip Morris (loved Jim Carey and Ewan McGreggor like I always do, but the story was almost irreparably uncomfortable to watch... I liked it, though)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (kiddy'ish, but LOVED it! SO much better than the Eragon movie, lol)
3 hours of the new Battlestar Galactica series (good enough, but too much face snorfling, got boring)

Does anybody know any good movies?
I missed a bunch the past couple years, but I recently got a movie rental card, so I'd like to catch up a bit (^-^).
No horror, no senseless tragedy, but I watch pretty much anything else (^^).

Next on my to-watch list: Ponyo, yay!

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random post to test the LJ app on my phone

Hmm, I wonder if this'll work...
Just testing the LJ app I downloaded for my phone.

I don't remember if I posted this here, but I bought a smart phone a few weeks ago.

I was so sick often having no internet (for 9 months?), so I went ahead and bought a phone I could use to look at the internet and Skype family and friends.
No video chat, but I feel so much happier just being able to talk to people when I want to again.
Learning how to use a smart phone is a freaking bitch and a half, though.

(random picture of goat!Inui molesting Vladowl)

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bad weather, bad feelings, good friends

Yesterday, a typhoon was supposedly going to hit Kanto (a big area of Japan where I live), but as far as I could tell, there wasn't any problems with it in Yokohama. All day, it was pretty terrifyingly windy (my apartment was even swaying because of it sometimes), and at about 4:30pm some dark angry-looking clouds rolled in, but other than that, it was okay. I don't really know much about typhoons, but my students told me that flooding and wind damage (like roofs being torn off) are the usual drill for bad typhoons.

I'm in such a weird frame of mind this week. I just... feel down. So many sad things happened recently, and I can't even express how I feel about it properly. Day in and day out, I just plaster a huge smile on at work, then go home and start snoring immediately in my futon.

But I got an e-mail from Helen, a message from Chibi on facebook, a call from my parents, a 5-word e-mail from my brother (that's more than usual), the usual 80-jillion calls/e-mails from Noa, and a few other various messages so that makes me happy ^^. Oh friends <3.

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shake-uh shake-uh shake-uh shake-uh
shake shake shake

It's 4am again, and can't sleep again

Another big quake hit earlier tonight, near Shizuoka. It only shook for about 30 seconds pretty strongly in Yokohama, but it's worrisome having a 6.0M earthquake near Mt. Fuji, the ACTIVE volcano OTL. Sometimes I really wonder if Japan's gonna go crashing under the ocean, like it sometimes does in those movies that the Japanese people flock to the movie theaters for.

shake shake shake-uh

nuclear reactor

The last nuclear reactor in Fukushima did have a big explosion last night. People within 30km or so were told to stay indoors, to avoid exposure. I live over 200km from that area, though, so it's okay here for now.

Nuclear reactor problems? What kind of problems are those? It's difficult for my brain to understand what that would even entail.
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Aftershocks make it hard to sleep. My clock telling me it's nearly 4am is proof enough OTL. Not that I haven't stayed up until 4am before, but I desperately would love to zonk out if I could.

I'll try again, I suppose. Or else I might accidentally sleep through the lessons I'm supposed to be teaching tomorrow o.O;.
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