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M's 2 week autobiography! Kinda!

Whee, I haven't posted in awhile. I've been a nutjob lately though, so that's probably for the better ^^;. I'm feeling pretty okay now, so I'll be less prone to complaining XD;.

Last week, schoolwork terrorized my life. But I elegantly twirled through the Literary Theory and Criticism paper, and hurdled over my presentation/speech thing about haiku, and all the numerous, time consuming little assignments were obliterated. Except for my math test, which I got a C on. Damn ^^;. *will try even harder on the next test*

This week... I'm a slacker for the most part in mah classes >.>;. I skipped classes on Tuesday, because I wasn't able to come up with a poem for my Creative Writing class... Writer's block is not acceptable! I'll get over it somehow ^^;. I'm doing little brainstorming exercise things, which usually help me at least a little bit ^-^.

Noa and Rebecca left today for St. Louis, for their Model United Nations club thing. I still don't understand what they do there, but every time they go to Chicago or St. Louis for that thing, I get dorm to myself for about 4 days XD. It gets lonely after awhile, but it's fun having free roam of our tiny living space for a few days.

Hmm... what else happened... oh yeah, I got a call on my cellphone about an hour ago. I pick up, and whee, it's another drunk visit from John ^^;. He says he's outside my apartment, and I look out my window in time enough to see him fall off his bike... ^^;;;;;. When he came in, he apologized for not bringing a doughnut (which he did the last time... the doughnut of unknown origin!), but that was fine with me. I eventually ushered him out of my apartment, because hearing about how he drank 1/3rd of a keg with 2 of his fraternity brothers isn't something I wanted to listen to for too long ^^;. I enjoy his company much more when he's sober, I think ^^;;;.

Ooh, ooh, I watched Nobuta wo Produce this week (just finished the last episode today^^)! Nobuta wo Produce is a Japanese drama with the cliche story line of making a girl popular... but this was really, really good o.O;. I got all teary in the last few episodes XD. It stars Kamenashi Kazuya (from KAT-TUN) and Yamashita Tomohisa (in GYM, NEWS, and on a solo career), so all their pretty fanservice is worth watching ^o^. It really was good, though. Everyone should go download it! I need to watch it all over again-- I really loved it ^^.

Something new that happened also, is that I got suckered into playing with the college's orchestra temporarily ^^;. I normally just play with concert band (yay scholarship!), but I was pleaded with to play french horn in the orchestra too, because they needed more horns o.O;. I agreed since Crystal looked quite desperate (she must've been, because when I asked her "why me? isn't there anyone else?" she said "no, there's no one else" XD. i'm admittedly the last resort ^^; ), so I'll be playing with the orchestra on February 27th ^^. The music is really fun, though, so I don't mind it.

Blahblahblah... I've typed way too much here, so I'll end it. I think I mentioned most of the things that randomly occured lately, though, so hooray, we're all now caught up on the life of M! I'm... going to take a nap now XD;. My eyes hurt from watching a few hours of Nobuta wo Produce episodes on my computer earlier today, and they're yelling at me to close them instead of further stare at the computer screen ^^;. *flops into her bed with plushies and a manga*

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