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Mondays have no right to be so rough. I think there should be an 8th day of the week between Sunday and Monday (which I will tentatively call Smunday), where you can slack off a lot, but also have an obligation to kinda sorta do something, to ease you into the hell of Monday. *nodnod*

I've been worried a bit lately about... how I haven't really felt very happy throughout the semester (*fights against the evils of depression*), but I guess I shouldn't really worry about it. I smiled at so many people this morning that I knew on the way to class this morning, that I had blood dribbling off my lip o.O;. DAMN WEATHER! Making my lips so dry XD;. I'm gonna work to smile until I bleed for the rest of the semester also ^_^;. Hopefully that's metaphorical blood, though, because I don't want that to happen again ^^;.

Do your best, do your best! Do your best, do your best! *sings to herself* The semester is halfway over already-- I can do it ^o^V! I think! This whole school thing keeps on getting more and more difficult as time goes on XD;.

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