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wait, why do they have No Regrets? nonsensical title, yay ^^

I... just finished watching a really effed-up movie XD;. I mean, it was all cute and yaoi'y until the last 20 minutes, which just shattered my illusions of it. It was called... "No Regrets" (it's Korean, I think).

Just... just, I need to go to sleep, but I wondered if anyone else thought it was strange that a movie ended with one of the sort-of lovers trying to kill and bury his lover in a hole in the woods, and then ALL IS FORGIVEN (sort-of), and they get in a car accident and the guy who was nearly murdered smiles and grabs the other guy's crotch once they both wake up (they're both bloodly and beat-up at the point too XD; ). Just... what the hell??? It was totally a cute/angsty/cute/angsty/cute movie, up until that point, in which I became really confused and wondered WHHYYY? So weird XD;.

EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT! OR NOT! I DUNNO! I haven't decided whether I like it yet XD;. I think next time I watch it, I'll just stop it after they're all happy together BEFORE the attempted murder/car accident groping happens.

I'm going to go have really effed-up dreams now, hooray ^o^V! I can't believe that actually happened in the movie XDD;. *tries to not have crazy murdering prostitute x engaged businessman dreams*

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