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SPRING BREAK IS HERE! And... I'm already talking to myself -.-;. SHUT UP, M!

My parents saw the opportunity of me not having not much to do for a week, so they tempted me with money (which worked fabulously) to watch Dexter the d-dog/house sit while they go on vacation to Florida for a week. I get $80 if Dexter's not dead at the end of the week, yay! I'll try my best not to let him die though, since he's so cute ^_^.

Right now I'm just puttering around the house, cooking, and listening to Golf & Mike's new CD (oh, Golf and Mike XDD <3) to fill the void in my head at the moment XD;. When I'm alone, I always talk to myself, so when I started up some awesome one-sided conversation this morning, I practically dove to hook up some speakers so I could stop filling the silence with my loud, inane thoughts ^^;.

I wonder if my sanity will hold out this week, being alone in this house XD;. *twirls around happily anyway, to be away from classes for awhile*

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