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I just watched the first episode of a j-drama called Ikebukuro West Gate Park. I feel so homesick for Ikebukuro now ;_;. I'LL BE BACK ONE DAY! WAIT FOR ME, IKEBUKURO! I recognized so many places that they were at in the show, which made me happy... so when I get to pining too much (which happens too often >.>; ), I suppose I can watch this show to ease my sadness ^^;.

Nagase Tomoya and Yamashita Tomohisa are main characters in the show too, so that made it even more fun to watch XD. I couldn't believe it when Yamashita's character stole the giant stone owl statue that's in the train station, using a wheel barrel. HOW? Too funny XD.

Nagase Tomoya sez: "Sometimes hats speak louder than words." Or maybe "Hats say more than people do." But actually, Nagase Tomoya has no idea what his hat says XD;. I thought it was pretty funny, though.

His hat says "The Reason Talk is So Cheap is That the Supply FAR Exceeds the Demand," if the screencap was too blurry for anyone to read XD. I love random articles of clothing (usually with annoying, semi-witty phrases printed on them) that somehow start out in strange American stores, and end up on Japanese television XDD.
Tags: iwgp, jdrama, zany findings

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