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Girl Troubles - Akihabara@deep : Page/Box

Yesterday, I finished watching Akihabara@deep (one of the most entertaining j-dramas I've had the pleasure of watching). I promptly wrote a fanfic afterward, as I couldn't help myself XD;. I don't think a single person on my f-list has watched this show, but I felt like posting it anyway, because I can ^^. If you haven't watched the show, and want to read it anyway (which might be okay, since this is pretty pointless ^^; ), the only real things that need to be known is that Page has a severe stutter, and Box is terrified of women that aren't anime-like (ex: women in maid costumes are OK! XD) and wears gloves constantly because he's a clean-freak.

Title: Girl Troubles
Fandom: Akihabara@deep
Pairing: Page/Box
Rated: G
Word Count: 847

"So do you understand what I'm getting at?" Akira crossed her arms over her chest, staring down Page across the worktable in the middle of Akihabara@deep's office.

Page nodded excitedly, as he pushed up his glasses with one hand. "W-w-w-well... ex-c-cept..."

"Except what?" Akira glared.

"E-except... I don't unde-der-s-s-s-st-stand," Page said, picking at the frayed denim of his jeans. Akira threw her arms up in exasperation.

"Okay, it's like this," Akira said, wheeling around the edge of the table toward Page.

Page tried to roll away from her, but his feet up in the chair instead of pushing along the floor caused him to only spin the chair around in a circle. Akira stopped Page's chair in its rotating motion, forcing him to face her.

"You know when a girl goes to a movie with her boyfriend?" Akira received a blank look from Page, so she rushed to amend her statement. "Don't any of the girls in those dating simulators you like to play go out on dates?"

"Ah, h-hai! In this one I p-played y-y-y-yesterday--" Page was saying, as he reached an arm out toward a game guide that was on the table, but Akira smacked his hand midway.

"Okay, so pretend that the girl in the game goes to a movie with her boyfriend."

Page nodded.

"And the movie is scary."

Page nodded. They were finally getting somewhere.

"What would the guy do?"

A blush immediately formed on Page's face, and she rolled her eyes. "The guy would hold her hand, so that she doesn't feel as scared anymore," she said. "Don't tell me what you were thinking... I really don't want to know."

Page nodded again, still blushing, before asking "S-so... what d-does this have to d-do w-w-with anything?"

"It has everything to do with everything! Che... that was a really good example, too," she said, shaking Page's chair angrily for a moment. "You. You're the boyfriend."


"Yes. And Box-kun is your girlfriend."

"B-b-b-but... B-box is my b-boyf-f-friend."

"Listen to me! You're the boyfriend, Box-kun is your girlfriend, and women are the scary movie!"

"Ah... I s-see."

Akira smiled, as it seemed that Page finally understood. Her smile immediately faded, though, when after a moment of mulling over all that Akira had said, Page replied "S-s-s-so why are y-you t-t-telling me all of t-t-this?"

Akira grabbed one of Page's hands, making his shoulders jerk in surprise. "You're going to hold Box-kun's hand when he sees a girl."

"Eeeehhh?! In p-p-p-public?!"

A bit of threatening from Akira and stuttered refusal from Page carried on after that, but they both eventually agreed that it was for the good of Box. Actually, Page never quite agreed, but his fear of the combatant Akihabara@deep member had him giving in more quickly than what was probably deemed manly. Akira was tired of Box throwing up and/or foaming at the mouth every time he saw someone of the opposite sex, and while Page didn't exactly care if his boyfriend could get along with what Box referred to as "3-D women," he knew it was unhealthy for Box to be like that.

And so, the next time the members of Akihabara@deep team were out in public, Page was being glared at fiercely by Akira, and Box was huddled behind a mailbox.

"H-h-hey, B-box-kun, are you o-okay?" Page asked. Akira punched Page on the arm. "Ouch! I mean, c-c-c-come on B-b-b-ox-kun. We ha-have to get g-g-going."

"But she's not gone ye--" Box started, but was cut off by his surprise at Page clasping his gloved hand, which had been shielding his head from any outward womanly forces.

"L-l-l-let's go," Page said, trying to smile reassuringly, although his face was practically crimson by now. Page helped pull Box to his feet, but Box didn't drop the hand in his once they all started walking again. The woman who had Box so frightened was now about ten paces ahead of them on the sidewalk, and while Box walked stiffly for awhile, Page slowed their pace, letting her get far ahead of them.

Izumu looked in wonderment at the two boys, as her and Akira trailed a few steps behind Page and Box, now linked hand-in-hand.. "How did you get them to do that? They hardly do anything in at the office, let alone actually touch in public."

Akira just laughed. "You're not the only genius." Izumu could only make a noise of approval, as she witnessed two of the most relationship challenged boys she knew, lightly swinging their joint hands between them as they walked down the sidewalk.

A few more girls crossed their path on the sidewalk, but Page squeezed Box's hand every time one passed, and everything was okay... or at least Box didn't hide. Page was sure his hand would be bruised soon from the malicious grip he endured when a female came too near, though.

Perhaps they weren't relationship challenged anymore, as they had eachother, but they were definitely still romance impaired.

"Ow!" Page elbowed Box as another girl walked past, and Izumu snorted.

owari =★
Tags: akihabara@deep, fanfiction, page/box, rated g
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