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Goodbye Spring Break~♪

My Spring Break is coming to a close, and I mourn ^^;. I feel like I can go back to classes without crying now, though, since I've had a nice week of slacking. I'm doing my math homework today, since like a good student (or at least a typical student), I put it off until the last minute ^^;.

I didn't really do anything much during my break, except sleep and watch lots of Japanese dramas/movies ^^. I finished waaa~tching... the dramas Water Boys season 1 and Akihabara@deep, as well as the movies Eternal Summer, Densha Otoko, PingPong (weird movie XD), and RoboKon (aka Robot Contest-- also a very weird movie ^^; ). I also started watching the dramas Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Water Boys season 2, and My Boss My Hero. I made a good dent in the things I'd downloaded and wanted to watch XD.

So it's been a fun Spring Break, but I guess I'd better get back to completing my homework.

On a happy note~♪:

I caught this when watching the movie RoboKon XD. And I'm not joking, right after I took this screencap, there was a massive brawl, which just further shows the dangers of PMS XD;.


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Mar. 18th, 2007 04:24 am (UTC)
I want a spring break now. XD Or at least to slack off, but I doubt that'll happen. I'm slacking'ish on my homework right now to work on the Antique-inspired fic. Whoo~ I just need to connect these two scenes somehow without going "===="

XDDDDDD;;; *tosses them chocolate?* Ganbatte on homework!
Mar. 30th, 2007 09:24 pm (UTC)
How's the antique bakery inukai fic going ^__^?
Mar. 31st, 2007 05:08 pm (UTC)
Nfu fu fu~ We're nearing their first date. Hopefully it'll work out spiffing'ly.
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