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Wah, my brain hurts -.-;. I have a huge Japanese test tomorrow, and an english paper draft due (and it won't write itself, this sucks o.O;). My paper's almost completed, but I don't know if I'll ever get in enough studying to be able to pass the test. Oooh well. Finals are next week, so I better start studying -.-;. I have Psychology, Japanese, Basic Design, and Comp. Graphic finals. My brain is becoming mush just thinking about it all.

On the bright side, I finished Christmas shopping tonight ^^. And plus, no more marching band events for the rest of the year. The Christmas parade tonight was pretty long, it took about 45 minutes to march through. I thought I was going to have to haul Noa over my shoulder for 13 blocks (her knee was in bad shape for some reason), back to the car, but some drummer guys she flirts with gave us a ride back.

I need to study and finish my paper, so I shall stop writing. I just need to keep in mind how my parents will publicly flog me if I made horrible grades. Maybe I'll do better then o.O;.

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