M (snowym) wrote,


Aaaaa~and I've finished putting together notes for my presentation (an analysis of an analysis essay, nande?) just in time to be absolutely delirious when I present it tomorrow morning ^^;. There weren't enough hours in the day to finish all the English class stuffs I had to do, so I had to dip into today's hours too ^^;. But I'm done, yay ^_^V! *TIRED*

I'm so sick of not being able to write anything good for my poetry class-- I'm so drained of creative energies it's not funny at the moment. I managed to spit out a couple poems for this workshopping round, but they're not really what I was supposed to write >.>;. I don't really care at the moment though. I'm just glad I don't feel the need to skip class, because of a lack of poems to bring with me.

I've officially been hit with a stupid stick this semester, I'm fairly certain. My grades aren't bad so far-- it's just the agonizing process that I go through every time I need to do anything. I'm so burnout at the moment XD;.

*wanders away to bed, where she probably won't sleep despite really needing to, because the green tea has been kicked-in for awhile now, and M's eyes are OPEN*

Is it too late to declare my Major as Hobo? I'm so unjustly miserable at the moment -.-;.

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