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I miss Tokyo + blahblahblah

Happy anniversary +1 day to me!

Omg, I'm tired XD;.

It's officially been a year (plus a day, but I refuse to celebrate fond memories on such a horrendous day such as yesterday) since I stepped foot in Tokyo.

WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE, AND WHY CAN'T I GET ANOTHER AIRPLANE TICKET NOW? Oh well, I'll study hard ^o^. My mother accepts my desire to go back to Tokyo, but she wants me to knock out the rest of college first (as do I want myself to do also).

I'm so relieved I could cry about getting my Critical Literary Theory presentation + poetry portfolio + new poems done and out of the way for now ^^;. I was such a zombie though, while giving my presentation XD;.

HOW IS EVERYONE DOING? IS EVERYONE SURVIVING? I feel so out of touch lately (and out of it, I took a four hour pass-out session after class today o.O; )-- so that means I am >.>;. I'm sorry!

The weather's getting really awful at the moment-- raining, and a bunch of stuff just blew over on my window sill XD;. *carefully uprights her lucky-cats and Wentz the unipegicornisus*

I LOVE YOU ALL <3! Okay, my brain has had enough of stringing words together for now, so I'm going to do something less taxing, like stare at the wall. Ja ne~
Tags: purikura, watashi

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