M (snowym) wrote,

Hi, my name is M, and I love becoming addicted to things. FUN THINGS.

I... am really impulsive at times, it seems ^^;.

At about 10pm tonight, I decided I wanted to purchase a Nintendo DS Lite. Wal-Mart was all out of them, and Best Buy was closed, but hurray for Hastings ^o^. So yes, I, on a very random whim, forked over $180 for a black ds lite (which will soon have WaT stickers on it XD) and Final Fantasy III.

I haven't played a Final Fantasy game for at least 2 or 3 years, so I'm all enchanted once more by the fun of it all ^o^.

I'm just glad Noa didn't think I was a total psycho when I dragged her with me to my car to go purchase it out of the blue XD. Of course, we've seen the best and the worst of eachother's inner shopping demons, since we basically went on a shopping tirade for 4 months in Tokyo together, so I don't think she was surprised at all XD;.

Getting re-hooked on video games is a BAD, BAD thing. I'm lucky my bank account can't take me splurging on anymore games at the moment ^^;. I might have to hide the the DS from myself tomorrow night, when a Literary Critical Theory paper will be calling my name ^^;.

Ooookay, time for bed, as tomorrow is MONDAY. *shudders*

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