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Donnie Darko

Am I ever freaked out o.O;. I just watched Donnie Darko last night with Stallion, because my brother recommended it, and we were both really creeped out ^^;. I had to go stay at her dorm, because I think I would've had a heart attack sleeping in my own dorm, because I was the only one there. Thank goodness for awesome friends who understand my insane paranoias ^^. Even though it frightened me a bit, it was a truly great movie. Everyone ought to watch it ^^. Unless you will be mentally scarred for life by a guy in a furry suit with a rabbit mask made out of twisted metal (like I was). I'm going to be looking over my shoulder and jumping at every single little noise for a week o.O;. I'm such a scaredy-cat -.-. Everyone needs to go watch it, I can't explain how good of a movie it was ^^.

I have finals to study for. I only have to get a 57% on my Japanese final to pass with a B, so that's great ^^. I need to study hard for my Psychology final, though. Japanese and Psychology are my iffy classes that I'm worried about, a little. I hope I don't do horrible o.O;. Just the thought is forcing me to go study.

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