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Happy birthday to Chibi, happy birthday to Chibi...

It's that special time of YEEEEEEEEEEAR again! Today is the day when the very special Chibi-senpai gets another year wiser, so she may advise us all with even more grace through the next year. I think two boys have something to say to you too... *prods IRE and Shindo Gaku*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIBI ^______^! I LOOOOOVE YOU! Hopefully you are having a spectacular day today ^_^.

Sorry I couldn't do anything less... psychotic for your birthday XD;. I have no time or energy for fic or art lately, but I'll make sure to do something more meaningful to dedicate to you once school stops eating my face off ^.^V. Until now... you get IRE photoshopped into bear-pants XD.
Tags: happy birthday, photoshop
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