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I think I might need to start building an Arc or something, because I think the world's drowning >.>;. It hasn't stopped raining for one freakin' second all day. I about got sucked into the boggy ground on my way back from classes in the afternoon ^^;. Luckily the rain washed all the gunk caked on my shoes away? Today is a very damp day ^^;.

Oh, and all the lightning was freaking me out earlier, so in midst of unplugging things... I scream, and Noa runs into the room, and I'm clutching my hand because I've managed to electrocute myself XD;. I didn't mean to, but TOUCHING THE METAL PRONGS ON A PLUG-IN, WHILE PLUGGED IN, IS VERY BAD. My hand tingled for a very long time after that XD.

So yes, I need input! Are any gods trying to smite humankind once again, via water? YES/NO? Or maybe he's just displeased with Missouri, and has decided a big lake might be much nicer smack-dab in the middle of the United States ^^;. *gets to building that arc... I mean, starts playing Final Fantasy III again. same thing*

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