M (snowym) wrote,

Letter from Helen <3!

disutansu! I got your leeeeeeetter~♪! SO MUCH PRETTY, HOLY CRAP. Is it okay that I have these little postcard things? They're gorgeous @_@.

I will never be able to stop thinking that this picture is the most sexy thing in the entire world XD;. Yay for combining my love of two things-- pretty Asian boys and ULTIMATELY KIRA KIRA things! Good job, Takanori ^o^.

Noa had a cow when she saw this, as she's the #1-Whore-for-Miyavi in the 4 state area XD. I also think he's one of the better inventions since sliced bread. Oh Miyavi, you're so hardcore XD.

Psycho le Cemuuuu~u! They're disbanded, or at least on a very long hiatus now, but they're the shining example that if you want to an anime character in real life, IT'S POSSIBLE. Plus their music is great, visual kei looks aside.

More Psycho le Cemu, hooray ^__^! This outfit is from their PV for their best song ehvar-- Gekiai Merry-Go-Round, so I was glad when I saw this, because I can now forever immortalize their excellence by... taping them to my wall ^^;. The greatness before hiatus... before Daishi got put in prison (although he's out now, wtf though, Daishi o.O?)... *still sends <3 <3 <3 out to PLC, who are still great*

Ahh, I don't know who Silver Ash is XD;. The pic is cool though! I have yet to expand my rock horizons out to CRock yet, so now maybe I'll find out the mega-love that is Silver Ash. *nodnod*

Anyway, thank you Helen ^___^. I am and have been a super Jrock fiend for years, so getting these made me feel all pretty and sparkly again (but not as pretty and sparkly as Takanori, of course, that would be impossible ^^; ). Also, the duck stationary was amazing XD. *TACKLEGLOMPLES HELEN, WHETHER SHE'S WILLING OR NOT!*

Did I gush about jrock enough, here XD? *thinks she just might have*

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