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Fall 2007 Schedule

MWF . 8:00-8:50am . Intro to English Linguistics
MWF . 9:00-9:50am . Oral Communication
MW . 11:00-11:50am . Fitness Walking
TTh . 8:00-9:15am . African American Literature
TTh . 9:30-10:45am . Epic
TTh . 11:00am-12:15pm . American Literature I

8am classes everyday... 4 English classes... the speech class I've dreaded since starting college... oh crap XD;. I also hear the English linguistics class is complete hell... but, but, HAY GUYZ, AT LEAST I GET TO TAKE WALKING ^o^. Omg, my dream class. I KNOW HOW TO WALK. And I'll get out at no later than 12:15pm everyday (9:50am on Fridays XD) ^_^. Also, the African American Lit and American Lit I courses are both with my adviser, whom I haven't had a class with since my freshman year (Comp 101 and 102), so maybe that'll be fun... although being in her class twice in one day ^^;?

My adviser said if I started crying myself to sleep every night next semester, she'll help me change my schedule XD;.

Also, I didn't sign up for band. I'll see how holding down a job works out during next semester, as marching band has been pretty hellish the last couple years... I'm afraid to go tell my band teacher I'm quitting though... DOUBLE MY SCHOLARSHIP AND I'LL STAY! It's not worth it as it is right now ^^;.

Lalala~♪, that's the end of my random ramblings about my new schedule. My current condition is hungry + needing to study for tomorrow's Econ test, so ja ne~ <3! *goes to munch and be studious*



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Apr. 21st, 2007 02:17 am (UTC)
XD Your schedule sounds so awesome. OMG I WANNA TAKE THE WALKING CLASS! It looks like you'll be able to relax more in the afternoon at least. Ganbatte M-sama! ^_^
May. 6th, 2007 08:54 pm (UTC)
It sounds awesome? I think it might give me a headache XD;. Don't you have to take some sort of physical education class too? If you do, I'm sure your college has some hokey classes like Fitness Walking too XD. I could've taken Bowling instead, but I didn't feel like paying the fees for rental bowling shoes and such ^^;.

Hopefully with such an early class schedule, I'll be able to have a job in the afternoons ^_^. Band isn't cutting it anymore for scholarship money-- I could make a lot more doing some form of parttime work ^^.
May. 11th, 2007 01:17 am (UTC)
I don't think we do but I checked the schedule of classes and there is something like that! XD *amused*

And um... yay work? I'm sure both have their ups and downs. Customers. Rawr. XDDD
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