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[FIC] Torture [WaT - PG]

This goes out to immaculate/wat801 (The WaT Fanfic MASTER <3), because I promised I'd post this a few weeks ago, and just now got around to it >.>;;... Sorry Erin! *bows in forgiveness, and runs away before anyone notices this post*

Title: Torture
Fandom: WaT
Pairing: Teppei + Wentz
Rated: PG
Word Count: 260

Fingertips were tracing patterns over his neck, down his arms, under his shirt and fluttering relentlessly against his ribs... it had him gasping and shifting away from one hand, only to unknowingly bump into the other. His eyes begged for mercy, although he wasn't sure if he could get his moans to translate into any language his captor knew. He was overwhelmed, knee-jerk sensation flooding him, but he knew it would end if he could just... could just...


Teppei still sat straddling his band mate on Eiji's bed, but his fingers stilled for the moment. Eiji's chest heaved, trying to reclaim some oxygen before brain damage occurred.

"Really?" Teppei asked.

"Well... maybe... Ah! Ahh!" and the black-painted nails resumed their wriggling once more under a hitched-up shirt. "Just, ah! Just kidding! No, really, he's great!" and the fingers once again stopped.

Eiji sucked in another breath. Teppei smiled.

"Oh, okay. I'm glad we sorted that out."

Teppei laughed and Eiji kept on breathing. His breath caught for a moment though, when Teppei brushed a finger under his prisoner's eye to catch a few tears that formed there during his abusive tirade. Eiji caught the hand lightly in his own, before examining the nails closely.

"I don't see why you're so much more manly though, made up like this."


And suddenly Eiji couldn't breathe anymore once again, squirming and shrieking frantically. It really was difficult to catch his breath around the other at times.

"Say it! Say it!" Teppei cackled.
Tags: fanfiction, rated pg, teppei x wentz, wat

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