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some stuff happened and yeah

Today is dead Thursday (no classes, hurrah!), but tomorrow I have both my Economics 180 and History 120 finals >.>;. Anyway, regardless of how I do on all these finals I've got lined up before me, it'll all be over next Thursday, whether I did well or badly ^^;. The semesters are wearing me out, I NEED A BREAK -.o;.

I'm prettymuch all better from my hospital escapades, but I've still got quite a few pills to choke down to make sure I continue to be all right ^^;. I've got a few more doctor appointments in the near future, but I'm not in excruciating pain anymore which I'm thankful for, so I'll go willingly to the doctor this time ^^;;;.

Today me and Noa went out shopping for presents for Momo and Yuki. I can't believe it's already been almost a whole year since we got back from Tokyo, and they arrived here in the United States o.O;. All my classes have me in a time stasis-- I've been doing so much school stuff since I got back -.-;. But yes, we bought them some cute American stuff (American flag T-shirts from Old Navy and USA beanie baby keychains XD). I'll miss them, but it's not like classes allowed me to spend hardly any time hanging out with them -.o;. I'll be back to Tokyo one day soon and bug them again, though XD.

Okay, back to studying for tomorrow's finals, yosh! I'm so scared XD;... WILL M FAIL AND BE PUT ON ACADEMIC PROBATION?! Let's hope not ^^;.

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