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Cartoon KAT-TUN Show

I never thought I would ever mention Avril Lavinge on my LJ, but she was the guest on KAT-TUN's 5th episode of their new show, and I just laughed until I felt sick watching it XD;.

She was so confused (as is easily viewable in screen shot), and the KAT-TUN boys were trying to speak minimal English, and it was really great XD.

Junnosuke... Ueda... NANDE?!

THIS SHOW IS PSYCHOTIC. I don't know what's wrong with these boys, but when you shove them all onto a single couch, mayhem, bloodshed, and cuteness in mass quantities tends to occur XD. I wish more people would go get addicted to it, so I don't feel so dumb XD;. Oh, my stomach still hurts from laughing ^^;.
Tags: jpop, kat-tun, zany findings

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