M (snowym) wrote,

Ya know, there are so many things of life that I just can't quite properly say... so I'm gonna let WaT do the talkin'.

It's not that they are saying the exact things that I would say, but I think their message is awe inspiring, and shouldn't be missed.

The world might be a greater place if we just all opened our hearts and danced. Instead of elections, there could be dance-offs instead. Then the true leaders would finally be in place.

Also, fanservice also goes a long way in bringing peace and hope to life.

Even if that fanservice has to be forcibly served, yet still enjoyed.

But yes, this last photo says more than anything I could ever hope to say, so I'll leave it off here <3.

There are so many more incriminating pictures I could've used for this post XD. No one can unconvince me of the greatness of WaT!
Tags: jpop, wat, zany findings
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