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moving + poetry

Oh nooo, my arms are going to hurt so bad tomorrow XD;. Heavy lifting + M = bad.

My mom came up to my dorm today, and now I'd say about 70% of my stuff is moved out. It's way too easy to accumulate stuff, I've found out in my years of living in these dorms ^^;. It's really helpful that she took a carload of stuff back to her house for me, though, as I definitely would not have been able to take all my stuff back in my little Ford Escort ^^;. My dad said he would come get a carload too if I needed it before Thursday, so maybe I won't have to haul hardly any of my own stuff back ^o^.

Ah, seeing my room so bare makes me sad, though. Dorm life is depressing to me, as I'm constantly moving all my earthly possessions every few months, it seems. Bleh. Oh well.

I'll be back living at my parents' house for the summer after this Saturday... crap >.<;. I shall hope for not too much bickering to occur ^_^.

I turned in my final poetry portfolio for my Creative Writing - Poetry class today, so hopefully that'll go over with the teacher okay. I don't know that my poetry is exactly high caliber, but I have a lot of fun writing it ^_^. As an example of the weirdness I've turned in, here's a little... umm, thing I've dubbed "ANTS":


by Mちゃん

I have always wondered what
the ants of Southern Missouri would
be capable of if only every time I saw
them, I didn't smash their palatial
dreams underfoot.

Despite possibilities of greatness,
my shadow is still the harbinger of
death, as I crush hopes, dreams,
lives every time.

It's too bad I hate ants.


So stupid XD.

*goes to flop down on the couch, as her arms are much too dead from carrying too many worldly possessions*
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