M (snowym) wrote,


Ooo~h my god, I just almost got assassinated by a bird @_@;. *tries to keep her heart from beating out of her chest*

Finals are over, and everyone was forced off of campus today, but I'm staying in my dorm (alone) until Saturday, since I'm playing commencement band for the graduation. My dad took me out for a little while, before I'm stuck in solitude for a few days, but when he dropped me back off at the dorm, BIRD DOOM! I went into the stairway area to my dorm, and a bird was flapping around maniacally. Naturally, I shrieked and ran back outside, like any self respecting M would do. So I waited outside for awhile before coming back in, and I didn't see it, but when I almost had my key in the door, the bird came out of nowhere and flew at me. I screamed and ducked XD. I'm pretty proud, because I managed to get into my dorm without a) getting attacked by the bird, b) wetting my pants in fright, and c) accidentally letting the bird into my dorm, which would have been a far worse predicament >.>;;;. I'M NOT SO LONELY AS TO NEED YOUR FLAPPY COMPANY, BIRD!

Sooo, yeah, such a stupid event, but it freaked me out really bad XD;.

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