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a post in which I tiredly talk about band

Commencement band was so booooo~ring today, holy crap XD;. Although, there was adventure to be had! Me and Amanda found a box of spoiled Philadelphia cream cheese packets sitting out in the sun. When I tried to give one of the packets to Crystal, she refused, and showed me her pit stains, possibly as consolation. This last semester of band has been fairly bearable, if only because having Amanda and Crystal (although Crystal needs to learn the definition of TMI ^^; ) in the french horn has been amusing.

I think I need to tell the band director that I plan on not being in marching band next semester, though >.>;. Liz, the girl in the french horn section that thinks I'm a complete idiot, is going on to people about how she'll get to be drum major if the french horn section is strong enough next year. And I bet that if I'm not there, she won't get to do it, unless they've got some recruits lined up. I don't really care if Liz is drum major, just because she irritates me with her hostility toward me, but I don't want her to come kill me while I'm sleeping either >.>;. Plus, Mr. Raymond won't be happy with my quitting. I guess I'll have to very carefully word an e-mail tomorrow.

Meeeeerh, so yes, I'm back at my parent's house for the summer. I think something's wrong with me today, as I've been rendered unconscious twice already earlier this afternoon from tiredness. Moving my stuff always wears me out, though ^^;. I think I shall go become unconscious once more, as I'm kinda sliding out of the computer chair at the moment XD;.
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