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M's first day at Camille's! Yay!

Today was my first day working at Camille's, and I must say, I feel very sleepy now XD. I need to get used to working again, and being on my feet for so many hours. But Camille's already beats working at Summer Fresh, if only because I get to MOVE AROUND. It'll take me awhile to learn how to make all the coffee/smoothie drinks and sandwiches properly, but I shall do my best ^^.

I rode to Joplin with my dad for work today, because our schedules were similar'ish enough to warrant me waiting after work for him, in order to save money due to the retarded gas prices. While I was generally being a bum in the back, letting my feet cool off in the instrument repair area, I got offered another job XD. How did my dad's manager say it... "You're welcome to loaf around our store, but how about getting paid for loafing around our store?" XD. So maybe I'll be doing inventory at random for the music store my dad works at too ^^. It's not a sure thing yet-- depends on what the manager says. I wouldn't mind it, though.

I have no work tomorrow, so I'm happy about that ^_^. I'll be training again on Wednesday - Saturday though, so hopefully the recipes will stick better in my head these next few days o.-;. I suck at food-making in general, but I want to try for some reason XD.

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