M (snowym) wrote,

Spring 07's final grades

Well, I finally got my grades for this semester. I am the personification of surprised XD;.

Creative Writing/Poetry - A
Literary Theory & Criticism - C
American Economics - A
US Hist 1877-Present - A
College Algebra - A
Concert Band - A

So yeah, that C hurts a bit, but I was expecting it, just because I. WAS. NOT. COMPREHENDING. Literary theory is some hard stuff, and I always have such a hard time in Dr. Murphy's classes anyway. I've taken 2 semesters with her, and I still don't know what she wants from a paper (as is apparent with the grades I've always received >.>; ). But yes, I was NOT expecting an A in all those hellish core classes XD. I'll take it though-- I'm happy ^_^.

It's raining and thundering like a mother outside, so I suppose I'll shut down my computer for the time being. I'll... umm, sit somewhere and not move much, because my arms and feet have decided that first days of work suck, and they opt to ache a lot when moved.
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