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new game + work + cows

sakusaku, I got the new Mario Brothers game for my DS, as per your recomendation ^o^. I'm going to go play it now, as work has made me a very sore M, and all I want to do at the moment is flop down somewhere (but, ya know, it's more fun to write in my LJ first) XD;.

And apparently, I am the cow doctor at work. My boss has all these weird little cow figurines all around the kiosk, but a lot of them are broken, and using tape + straws, I've managed to give a few of them the ability to stand again XD;. I've brought one of them home with me, because it needed some additional work I didn't have the supplies for at the kiosk (cement + paint)... I wouldn't bother, but it makes me so sad to just leave it with all its legs broken off. It stares at me sadly every time I open the display case to get desserts, and cries for my help ;_;. So yes, I will fix it after I feel not so ache'y and sleepy ^^;.

My boss left me alone in the cafe for almost an hour, though... which would have been fine, if a rush hadn't of started in that time period ^^;. I still don't know how to make a lot of the stuff, but Jane was telling me how to make some of the stuff over the telephone. She got back in time to help me out near the end of the onslaught, before I had a newbie breakdown ^^;;;. I'm glad that the customers I had during that time didn't try to strangle me, but I guess my constant apologizing helped to keep that from happening ^^;. Hopefully I'll learn the ropes very soon, so that I CAN be left alone, without hell breaking lose XD;. I don't mind the job, though. It just takes a lot of practice to remember everything, or the other workers keep reassuring me ^^;.

Okay, I'm off to go be a bum for a few hours, with possible nap time included in that time span.

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