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the bag meme

I saw decouvrir doing this meme, and thought it looked fun, so here goes ^^. I so very rarely do memes anyway, so it's about time I try another one.

Also, I'm including pictures because I'm bored XD. If anyone's interested in doing the meme too, that's not an actual requirement.

The bag meme!

1. What's your bag?

An h.Naoto bag I got for 40% off at a punk!gothic lolita boutique in Ikebukuro. And yay for the anime Meine Liebe, as I have pins of the characters stuck on the flap of the bag.

2. What's in your bag?

[x] house and car keys on a Kaidoh keychain (it makes me smile every time I have to open those doors ^_^)

[x] my cellphone, with WaT stickers to accentuate the pink-love-love'ness of it, and Death Note cellphone charm

[x] my prized Aquafina chapstick (I still think it's a riot that Aquafina has chapstick, which is why it is now my preferred brand)

[x] germ-x (with which I'd die without at work)

[x] guitar pick kept for good luck (Denton threw it at me at one of his rock shows XD)

[x] the ever important iPod (with the specter-like faces of WaT on the screen XD)

[x] a Lion's Club Japan pin, still in the box (I bought it at some antique'ish place, put it in my purse, and forgot all about it until this meme XD)

[x] lucky cats for good luck (bought for me by my parents at the Japan section of Disneyland - Epcot)

[x] spare 256MB SD card (which I'll never use, because why would I need two of them? yay for getting duplicates of stuff at Christmas XD)

[x] supah sexy Yoga Mania flip-open mirror (bought in Shibuya, in some crazy Chinese goods store)

[x] Nintendo DS (plastered with WaT, KAT-TUN, and Cinepuri stickers on the inside and outside XD), which currently has the super awesome Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game inside of it

[x] Swimmer Wallet with Kaidoh keychain ^^ (my wallet shall have a sub-genre of purse crap all on it's own, as I have it stuffed to the hilt XD... no pictures of said crap, just because I don't feel like taking HOURS to do this meme XD)

(-) Holy crap... I actually have MONEY? This must be because of my tips from work XD. *counts* So this is what $10.01 looks like-- it feels like forever since I've had so much cash XD. This deserves a picture, in case I never see this much money again!

(-) new version of the Missouri Southern student ID
(-) old Missouri Southern student ID
(-) debit card
(-) credit card
(-) driver's license
(-) Gakushuin Women's College student ID (I've accidentally handed this to someone needing my driver's license for a credit transaction, which always causes much confusion, but I refuse to take it out of my wallet XD)
(-) driver's insurance card
(-) an expired driver's insurance card (whoops! *throws out*)
(-) life insurance card
(-) international life insurance card (which I should probably throw out)
(-) voter's registration card
(-) 500 yen 1 day bus pass for the bus systems around Kyoto, Japan (which expired on June 6th, 2006)
(-) my first paycheck from work that I haven't had time to put in my bank account yet
(-) a good luck penny with a heart cut out in the middle (from my mom at the last Christmas)
(-) the combination to my locker in the band room written on a blue post-it note, because I always forget (5-31-9, if anyone's interested XD)
(-) a buy-nine-get-the-9th-meal-300-yen-off card from a restaurant (located in the Warner Brother's shopping complex in Tobunerima, where me and Noa always went to see movies. Only 6 stamps completed, though, 3 meals for each me and Noa)
(-) 120 minute prepaid phone card
(-) Borders rewards card
(-) K-Books & KingsKing & Character Queen (anime/doujinshi shops) point card, with a cute picture of kitty boys almost kissing on the front XD (last used August 2nd, 2006, last purchase totaling 19 points, and in all, 899 points earned-- omg, I bought a lot of stuff there XD. I never really figured out how to cash in the points, but I wanted to keep the card anyway XD)
(-) Books-a-Million 10% discount card
(-) two Movie Gallery movie rental cards
(-) Block Buster movie rental card
(-) Hot Topic buy-$10-worth-of-stuff-10-times-and-get-15%-off-the-next-purchase card (3 stamps away from getting 15%... can't they come up with a more substantial discount? sheesh ^^; )
(-) 2 copy cards for Missouri Southern's library copy machines (with an unknown amount on each of them)

Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnndddd I'm done. My conclusion is... I have WAY too much crap in my purse XD. *stuffs everything back into her purse anyway*
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