M (snowym) wrote,

MOOOOOOOU! *punches something, wussily of course*

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I'm so pissed -.o!

My summer school course started today (Physics 100), so I went to class, and realized I forgot to check out the textbook. So after class, I went to the book rental office, and... I've been dropped from the class? After sending a panick'y e-mail to my advisor, beseeching her for advice on what I should do, my parents called and said I should go to the Registrar's office, where they handle all the scheduling and transcript stuffs. I would have never thought of that, but it was the right thing to do XD. So I went, and they dropped me from my class because I hadn't paid 50% of the summer school bill yet... but they never sent me a frickin' bill -.o;.

So even though they messed up, I had to go and re-enroll in the class at the English department office (of course they were out to lunch though, and wouldn't be back for half and hour).

By some stroke of luck, when the English office's secretary got back and helped me, the same physics class I had been enrolled in for was still open. Then I had my dad call the business department, and he paid for the summer school fees, therefore allowing me to get finally get my textbook. Then I promptly sent a non-panick'y e-mail to my advisor, assuring her I managed to get everything resolved.

But... but... can I have the last 2 hours of my life back, plz? That was so pointless. I swear, the Registrar's office pulls crap like this all the time. This is at least the second or third time something stupid like this has happened.

Of course, in true geek fashion, I immediately head to a school lab computer and vent in my Live Journal about everything that transpired XD. I feel a little better now.
Tags: school sucks
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