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movie: 15

I just finished watching a movie I randomly plucked off the foreign movie rental shelf at Hastings... and that was the best $1.50 I've spent in awhile XD. It was called 15, and I'm now disturbed, but happier for having watched it. It was very... how did the movie cover word it... *checks*... Ah, "ultra-kinetic" XD. It's about adolescent boys in modern-day Singapore, and how the whole movie was shot and put together was brilliant. I laughed, cried, and could barely look through my fingers at the screen at times XD. It wasn't a cute shounen ai/yaoi'ish movie that I usually try to pick out, but the friendship between the characters was so amazing and electric at times, like they could be friends their entire lives, if they could just survive their lifestyle.

*sticks 15 on her fav movie list, which is turning out to be a stupidly long list by now* I would say everyone should watch it, but really, only people who are a bit jaded should watch it XD. Or whoever can stomach such dismal despair sprinkled with humor to ease the somberness a bit.

I shall have to test my 1337 random-movie-plucking skillz another time, because this was really good ^^.
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