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Today is Rebecca's birthday party, but I couldn't make it... driving up to KC after summer school (much later than would have been expected too, because of all the crap with me being dropped from my class) and then try and drive back from KC to get to Joplin at 10am the next morning for summer school again would not have been very doable -.o;. I called her yesterday though, and she drunk-dialed me while she was partying this evening, so at least I got to wish her well ^^. Noa's there too (and smashed too XD). I didn't think she was drunk, because she seemed coherent at first... but when I was telling her about the movie I watched, she kept on referring to things I had already said several minutes before XD. She was on lag time. And then she eventually revealed to me (in Japanese) that she had been だめ, with all her drinking XD. Sheesh, I turn my back for one day, and my friends are rendered incomprehensible with festivities. I might have been too, though, if I had gone, just because of all the crap that's gone on lately ^^;. Maybe another day XD.

I think my body wants me dead, because yesterday at work I almost collapsed ^^;. I didn't have time to eat anything until about 5pm, and my vision went all blurry all of a sudden. I had a brainwave though, and drank some Dr. Pepper. After a few minutes, I could see clearly again... I guess my blood sugar just got really low ^^;. I was doing dishes for so long in the back room, that it was like I was stuck, fully dressed, in a sauna for about an hour, so that wasn't helping matters much. When I woke up this morning, I seriously didn't think I was going to make it to my first day of summer school. Driving to Joplin, I was a combination of almost falling asleep a few times at the wheel, as well as almost having to pull off the road to puke my guts up at times. I've never had a migrane before, but that was one of the most horrible headaches I've ever had, so maybe that's why I was so violently ill feeling... because really, I couldn't have puked up anything anyway XD.

Mou, I hate you too, body.

For some reason, I felt better while sitting in my Physics 100 class, though XD. Maybe having something other than my traitorous body attacking me to concentrate on helped. What's wroooooo~ng with meee -.-?

Once again, I win the whining contest. I should just drug myself and sleep off teh blargh'ness of it all ^^;.

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