M (snowym) wrote,

D's, driving, and early bedtimes

Sooo, I took my first test in physics today... and got a D. Crap XD. The average was a D though, so something was definitely not right about that test ^^;. I was trying very hard in class too, so that first test grade was a blow to my gung-ho'ness.

Ahh, but things kinda suck lately, because I have to drive Monday - Thursday to Joplin for summer school, and then I have to drive to Joplin Friday - Sunday for work, so I'm basically placing most of my paycheck into my gas tank. Plus driving to town every single day is no fun -.o;. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to work shifts by myself soon, and I can take on the one person shifts on Monday - Thursday. That way I can go to summer school, and then to work right after. The less days I have to drive back and forth on the interstate, then better ^^;.

It's currently 8:15pm... and I'm thinking of going to bed XD. This is pathetic. I almost feel like I could sleep right now, without drugging myself with Tylenol PM first, so maybe I'd better go with it ^^;. Here's to hoping I get my never-together act together, and do well at work and not get horrid grades on anymore tests ^^;. *flomps away to bed*
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