M (snowym) wrote,

end of storms + GTO + spiders + work + beginning of storms

Well, the evil storms have blown over, so it looks like I won't have to worry about tornadoes tonight ^o^. I'm tired of being dragged to the church's basement in the middle of the night XD.

Last night I watched a live action movie of GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), because when I was getting ready to go to Tokyo, and was all scared and nervous about how life would go from there-on, Chibi-senpai (chibimono) showed me a really crazy page about shumai from that manga, and it cheered me up a lot XD. So when I was browsing the foreign movie rental section of Hastings, and I saw that movie, I knew I had to watch it. The movie was... completely ridiculous XD. Watching that made me want to read the manga, just because it may not seem as impossibly insane in a manga-universe XD. I don't even know if you remember showing me that, Chibi, but I feel inspired once again to forge onward XD.

But... but... after watching GTO last night, I had a showdown with an evil spirit. This HUGE spider crawled into the room, and I started freaking out XD. It was in the middle of the living room carpet, so I was obviously trapped on the couch. I tried calling for my dad to come kill it, but as it was 1am at the time, the only reply I got was confused mumbling, so I had to fend for myself. I ended up throwing all the couch's pillows and blankets at the spider (it was very persistent in killing me, as it took 3 pillows and 2 blankets as ammo to detour its ambition of assassinating me), but it scampered to the side enough that I could run past it. I get chills with the knowledge that that spider is still roaming our house, though. It's probably watching, biding its time until I'm weak and can do nothing against its venomous, eight-leggy'ness. I shall retaliate by always conserving enough energy to at least allow my legs to carry me into the next room. Eww, spiders are so scary ^^;. *SHAKES FIST AT THE EVIL SPIDER!*

Well, tomorrow's my first one-person shift at work, so hopefully I won't completely screw up ^^;;;;;. *shall try her best!* I also have physics class tomorrow, so maybe I'll have some new homework to occupy me during the dead-time at my work's shift ^^;.

Ack, the sky is thundering ominously again. Maybe this is a signal I should turn off my computer again ^^;. Oyasumi!

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