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movie: Adam & Steve

What... the... heeeeeell... I just watched a really psychotic movie XD. Psychotic-funny, though... as well as psychotic-psychotic XD.

It was titled Adam & Steve, and I just really don't know what to think right now XD. The two main guys had a (not quite) one night stand when they were both in their early 20's, and forgot all about each other. When they're both about 35, they meet again and fall in love, without recognizing one another. Eventually they both learn the truth, that they were each other's most traumatizing sexual partner years and years ago (I don't even want to go into what actually occurred between them XDD). Will they work it out o.o??? Well, I know, but I don't want to give it away, in the small handful of people on my f!list want to watch it.

But yes... there was dog stabbing, country two-stepping, and plenty of bottles thrown at peoples heads (and usually broken because of this). It was a really, really funny movie, actually, but it was really far out there at times. I'll definitely watch it again sometime-- maybe I'll be more prepared for the insanity the next time I watch it XD.

Maybe I was a little unnerved because one of the main characters reminded me A LOT of a friend named Gene I used to have. But I eventually got over some of the uncanny similarities (mainly the actor's FACE and some of his expressions), because the guy in the movie didn't make me want to choke him XD.

Chris Kattan (from Saturday Night Live) was also in this movie, and he was really hilarious as per usual. Anyway, everyone should go watch it... but with someone who you won't be mortified watching movies with XD. Some scenes really did make me about fall out of my chair XD. It's worth it for the cuteness and happy ending, anyway ^o^.


Well, I'll probably be coerced into attending church tomorrow, so staying up any later will not be conducive to that ^^;. My parents are more easily able to guilt trip me into going to church on holidays... Mou, I'm so cynical nowadays ^^;. Anyway, I guess since it's 3:19am, it's technically Father's Day now, so happy Father's Day, everyone! *hands out fishing poles, golf clubs, and other manly past times to everyone*
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