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Phoenix Wright + physics + work

Today I put down $5 to reserve the next Phoenix Wright DS game (which comes out September 5th) at GameStop XD. I'm horribly, horribly addicted to these games, seriously ^^;.

Tomorrow I have my second physics test, and I'm horrified at the prospect. I'm seriously in the dark about most concepts in that class-- it's some hard stuff >.>;. I shall study now until I go to bed, I suppose, in an effort to get something better than a D, as I did on my first test ^^;.

Lauren from my physics class came to Camille's, since I had work tonight, and we worked on our homework that's due tomorrow. As a testament to how slow work was tonight, I was able to go sit at the outside counter for awhile to explain things to her XD. I probably averaged about 1 or 2 customers per every half hour tonight-- sheesh ^^;. It was nice though, just being able to read a book, do my homework, and bug Kishu via cellular while at work XD.

Anyway, yes, off to study! And then I shall flop into bed, and when I wake up, probably the exact same things that happened today will reoccur tomorrow. And possibly the next day. Sleep, summer school, work, sleep. Variances are for suckers!
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