M (snowym) wrote,

i suck

Man, I think my physics class is going to eat me. I did really bad on the first test we had, but I did really REALLY bad on the one I took today -.-;. I didn't even pass... *buries self* I even studied, sheesh. I really will stab myself in the stomach with a fork if I manage to fail this class. I guess I've got to buckle down even more... but it's so hard -.o;. WHY CAN'T I UNDERSTAND ANYTHING IN THIS CLASS?! I suppose I'll drop by the teacher's office sometime, and make him further explain the concepts to me, because D's and F's on tests do not equal me understanding.

Mou, I really didn't think I did THAT bad when taking the test... *depressed* Well, I have work soon, so maybe that'll get my mind off being a failure -.o;.

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