M (snowym) wrote,

leeching + unneeded angst

Last night after work, I REALLY didn't want to drive home, as I felt not at my most M'y-like best, so I decided to be a leech. I called my mom, who called one of my friends from high school/church's mom, and then my mom called back to me to give me my friend's number, whereupon I called her (this friend = Stephanie Rice). So yes, it was quite a system XD. But I was pretty sure I wouldn't get turned down, so I did it anyway XD.

We had fun catching up, since we hadn't really talked much in the past few years. It was nice ^^. Then I konked out on her couch. She even left before I did, and trusted me to lock up her apartment XD. Even though me and her aren't really that close (we never really were the best material as friends for each other), I'm glad I can trust her when in a pinch, or as I was yesterday night, just sleepy and needed someone's couch to camp out on XD.

So that's where I was last night. Even though I was still in Joplin though, from staying at Stephanie's apartment... I was still just a couple minutes late to physics XDD. What the heck ^^;?


Oh, and okay... so maybe I'm not as much of a failure as I thought??? *so confused*

My teacher passed around two sheets in class today, that has our grade next to the 5-digit passcode we chose at the beginning of the summer semester (I have a Gundam Wing inspired one, 12121 of course XD). But yes, so the paper with yesterday's test grade on it... had me as getting a 75%. Whaaaaaat?

I WAS SO UPSET FOR NOTHING?! I even bought myself a cookie at work to cheer myself up!

I demanded an explanation from Professor Gurley, and he said he curbed the grades. This girl in the class was gloating about how her grade got curbed up 10%, and I showed her that my test got curbed up 30% (which doesn't say anything good about me) XDD. So ridiculous. Anyway, I suppose I'll be happy, though. I don't think I've ever been so psyched to get a C... although when threatened with an F, anything else looks better XD.

The other piece of paper with grades on it said I had a B overall so far, so I shall stop angsting, and depend on the curb when things fall through XD.

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