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Jun. 22nd, 2007

Well, tomorrow at stupid o'clock (or rather, 5am), my family and I are setting off on an excursion to St. Louis. Hopefully it'll be fun... although my whole family in one vehicle is not always the best option ^^;. If no one comes back dead from strangulation, I'll count it a good family trip. I'm sure it'll be okay, though... probably. I will be out of reach, unless contacted by cellphone, just to say ^^;.

Noa, Rebecca, and moi went out to lunch today, which was fun ^^. We haven't all been together since the end of the last semester, which probably hasn't been that long... but it's seemed like forever ^^;. *twirls around happily*  Rebecca's staying at my house, until she goes back tomorrow.

Anyway, I'd better go pack my suitcase for our family trip. Oyasumi!


Jul. 2nd, 2007 12:43 am (UTC)
St. Louis is pretty cool-- you should take a look around there sometime ^_^. I've always enjoyed the few trips I've taken there.

Wow, you're from Los Angeles o.o? *is envious of your big-city life you must lead* I'm so sick of living in small towns ^^;. I was in heaven when I got to live in Tokyo for about 4 months-- it's my goal to go back there as soon as I've graduated college ^_^. Here's my tip for you: if you live in a small town, make sure it's at least within driving distance of a bigger city, or you will eventually become very MISERABLE ^^;.

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