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Family trip to St. Louis went A-OK, hooray!

The family trip I went on actually ended up to be quite a lot of fun ^^. There was only a bit of mild bickering, but other than that, we were all quite harmonious.

We left at 5:30am Saturday (@_@;;;), and made it to St. Louis around 9am. We went to the zoo... which was fun, but seriously, we saw EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL there. It was so hot, and we were all ready to call it quits several times, but then my mom would be looking at the map and say, "Oh, we haven't seen the _______ yet!" And me and Denton would suddenly be cured of our heat strokes, and haul off toward _______ XD. That same scenario happened with the seals, penguins, and giraffes XD. I'll have to post some pictures, because there was definitely a shounen ai day at the zoo... lots of cuddling and animal hugs, kawaii~ <3. And omg, I had to run away from the giant turtle cage, because I suddenly learned what a tortoise's mating call sounded like, and almost witnessed turtle rape -.-;;;. THAT TURTLE WAS RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU! HE DID NOT WANT YOUR RAPE'Y LOVE, OLD LEERY TURTLE! So sad -.o;.

Then we stayed at the Hyatt, which was some ritzy hotel. It was pretty cool ^o^. I'd never stayed in such a nice hotel before.

The next day, on Sunday (today), we went up into the St. Louis Arch first. I'd never been, so it was pretty awesome ^^. You get to pay $14 to watch a documentary, then wait in a line for 20 minutes, then be stuffed into the tiniest trams EVER that haul you up to the top of the arch, where you get to be stuffed into a tiny room with jillions of other people and look out super tiny windows, and then you are stuffed back into the trams (no air conditioning, mind you), and brought back to the ground. They probably should've paid me for that strange experience, but it was educational/pretty cool, nonetheless ^^. Even though I'm not claustrophobic, those trams almost made me want to acquire that illness ^^;;;.

Then after that, we went to some cool street, dubbed The Loop, that had some nifty shops. It was all okay... until I found this really awesome store called Star Clipper. It was an anime/Japan/comic specialized store. I knew I had to buy something, as a memento of my St. Louis trip, so I eventually bought a cute Tokidoki figurine (which I now have named Minix, in homage to Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth XD). There was tons of manga, t-shirts, bags, books, etc. etc. in there though-- I could have looked in there all day ^^;. To testify to the coolness of that store, my brother bought a mustache plushie in there XDD. He was smitten immediately with it. It's just a stuffed... mustache... with eyes XD.

After that, we started our journey back, and when we got back at around 10pm, I had to pleasure of finishing my physics homework. Minix kept me company though, and reminded me I could play my Phoenix Wright game before bed, if I finished ^o^.

I'm glad we all got to go on a family trip together, because it's probably been about 7 years or so since we've gotten to go on some sort of vacation'y trip together. We all got to see each other's non-stressed-out selves all together in one place, which was easier achieved in a fun environment. I hope we get to do this again sometime ^_^. *feels content*

Well, anyway, I shall post a few pictures that I deem entertaining and/or cool within the next few days. For now, I require some recharging, though ^^;. *flutters away to bed*

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