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chibi: Kaidoh as a stick of gum (+ tree Inui)

Okay... I guess it's official, I've started a chibi request list, as people actually made requests XD. Make more!

Anyway... here is the one I drew a few minutes ago for moeruze_burning... ARE YOU HAPPY, TOH?! You're a strange one, and I <3 you because of it XD.

*ducks from the Bane!kick, due to the bad chewing gum pun*

But... but... while I'm getting puns out of my system, don't forget to check out Inui's "knotty" bellybutton... *PFFT!*

Inui didn't get the whole memo on the dress-up thing. He wanted to match Kaidoh's "stick" theme, but failed... poor Inui XD. "Fshuu, stick OF GUM!" sez Kaidoh.
Tags: chibi request, fanart, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated g
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