M (snowym) wrote,

*stabs retainer* + Oh! you zany M!

I got my braces off yesterday-- hooray!

I got a retainer today-- boo!

At least it's red and super sparkly? I am seriously considering throwing this stupid thing out the window, though... I'm going to sound like such a dork until I get used to it >.>;. And then probably continue to sound like a dork after that, but I'll just be used to my dork'y-sounding'ness, and think I'm sounding normal. I'm so taking it out for work, or else people are going to laugh at me, and not understand what the heck I'm saying -.o;.

Plus, the freaking top retainer is so tight, I have to wrestle with it for five minutes to get it to click out. And every time I've done so today, I've caused much mouth'y bleeding. Mreeerhg. Hopefully it'll loosen up ^^;. *is not fancying this second bout of having a retainer*


Oh, and today I bought the most expensive box ever XD. I bought a video game, and lo and behold, once I was 15 minutes away from the store, I realized there was no game in the video game box XD. I went back to get the game, but my mother thought it was so funny, that to everyone she's talked to since, she's said "Ahhh, Emily bought a teeny tiny cardboard box for $20 today!" And then I laugh and go "Yep, I sure did! I'm so silly!"... or that's the implied statement that should've come out of my mouth ^^;.

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