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work blahblah

Work was... weird today.

I made about $10 in tips (^o^!), which is awesome... and some lady ordered a brownie, paid for it, and then I later noticed she walked off without it (*now has a brownie in her fridge XD*)...

but then some guy ordered an iced white mocha. That's what he said. So he paid for it and I made him an iced white mocha, but when I gave it to him, he was all "No! You made it wrong!" and then walked away without taking it. Wth? So me and Mary (a new worker that just started working a few days ago) ended up drinking that XD.

And then I took the garbage out at the end of the night... and the bag split. My poor pants did not deserve to be covered in espresso grease, old lettuce, and many other things that are better left unnamed >.>;.


I rode up to Joplin today in my mother's car... and she got a flat tire when we were in the Hobby Lobby parking lot. That was sad ^^;. But I ended up getting dropped off at the mall for work, and when I walked the length of the mall... I noticed there were way too many sales >.>;. I ended up buying speakers for my iPod ($10), a book about how to be a pirate ($3), and a watch($5). When I got to the kiosk for work, my arms were all loaded down XD.


And whooo, I'm stupidly tired, so this is where I exit stage left (where there is conveniently a bed waiting for me!). Oyasumi~<3.

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