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chibi: sleepy WaT-time

Drawn for Erin (immaculate), because she apparently had a hankerin' for WaT chibis XD. They don't really look like Wentz and Teppei, but they're SUPPOSED to be them, so isn't that good enough XD?

What needs sleep? WaT needs sleep! Ahahah ^o^;...

Supposed to be Teppei sleeping on Wentz shoulder... but whatever ^^;;;. Forgive the badness-- I drew it during spare moments in between orders at work, on a paper cookie bag XD. When I scanned it in, there were wrinkles all over the drawing, as well as a stain XDD. *managed to fix it for the most part*

Okaaaay, I need sleep. Now. I plan on sleeping straight through church tomorrow, no matter whether my parents try to get me to go or not ^^;. I hate working Saturdays ^^;;;. *goes to collapse*
Tags: chibi request, fanart, rated g, teppei x wentz, wat
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