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Work today was not the most M-tastic it has ever been -.o;. *so very exhausted* And yay, after closing tonight, I get to go in and open tomorrow, and work until close again! Hopefully it'll be slow tomorrow, and I can pass out on the counter or something XD.

Although something amusing happened today... some little girls that I was making slushies for were practically on top of the counter, watching me make their orders, and one of them asked me if my name was Camille. She was quite shocked to find out that my name was actually Emily XD. Little kids are funny sometimes, when they aren't concentrating on maintaining their hellion status ^^.

Okayz, to bed with M-chan now. Drugs will be used, since I won't be able to naturally go to sleep, knowing all I have to look forward to when I wake up is more work ^^;. Although, I'll have everyone know, up until tonight, I have been clean of Tylenol PM for a month and a half! New world record ^^;;;.

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