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You might call it a love song, but I would call it rape.

This is the story of a boy. A really happy boy.

He had a love for dance, and dance he did.

But sometimes he danced like this, and while he may not have known it, he had quite the booty. So his band-mates formed a plan.

They christened him the winner of The Having-the-Most-Hands-on-Him-at-Once Contest, but little did he know, that soon...

...he would be in dire need of help. But in a boy band, only your band-mates can hear your screams, and that's what they want anyway.

And he lived happily ever after, because it isn't rape if it's willing (and it was willing after the first few orgies).



I love how much this music video degenerates into total chaos and orgy'ness by the end of it XD.

I was going to take a nap, but I watched this music video instead, and had to state my thoughts about it. The video is Zukkoke Otokomichi by Kanjani8, by the way XD.

[/completely random post]
Tags: jpop, kanjani8, zany findings

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