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work and physics and tips and ham and lunch and omgdeddeddedx.x

Oh my god... I'm just going to flomp down for awhile now @_@;;;. *COLLAPSES*

My day was kicked off with a physics test, and then after that, I prettymuch could've died at work from... umm... over-workage ^^;. IS YOUR HUNGER SATED YET HUMANITY?! WAS TODAY "SANDWICHES-MADE-BY-M-FOR-EVERYONE-IN-THE-ENTIRE-EARTH DAY"??? Omg, so tired XD.

Upside? $12 in tips, holy crap. KARMA, I say. Some lady ate at the counter, and I was totally harassed at that point, and ready to collapse, and when she was done with her meal, she handed me a $5 bill. I LOVE YOU RANDOM GENEROUS LADY <3! That made me feel less like crap XD.

Also, when I was driving out of the parking lot after my physics class, Bryan (who is also in my physics class) stood in front of my car and wouldn't let me drive away. I thought about a) driving around him and away, b) hitting him and driving away, but then I c) stopped and let him talk to me. Instead of talking though, he got inside my car and demanded to go out to lunch XD. So yay, we got rained on and ate at the mall and talked about random crazy stuffs, as per usual. We also mourned for our test grades that will be shown to us on Monday XD.

Ahh, I need to... change out of my work clothes for one ^^;;;. *FEELS LIKE A COMBINATION OF ESPRESSO GREASE AND HAM, WHICH IS NOT THE GREATEST* I will also need to sleep in until XX:XXpm tomorrow, because my body is hating me right now XD.

*attempts to gather up enough energy to go and put on p'jammerz*

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