M (snowym) wrote,

Minix & co. + HP movie


They enjoy dangling from Minix's spikes XD. I tried to take a good picture, but Golf, Yamapi, and Mike all insisted on making funny faces in the background. Sheesh.


Yesterday I got to see the fifth Harry Potter movie (went to a drive-in, which was an experience in itself XD)... it was pretty good ^^. It was pretty half-assed at some points, and stupid at others, but I didn't hate it. Plus Snape was all crazy I'M-IN-YOUR-MIND! like XD. Poor Harry. I really liked the girl they got to play Luna Lovegood, too. She was really weird and creepy, so they casted her perfectly XD.

The best part, though, was when Umbridge was making Harry write on his skin with the skin-etching pen thing, that actually carves the words into his skin. That made me feel so ill when I read it in the book, and I was totally freaked out during that part in the movie, so they did it well XD. SO SAD.

Maybe I'll watch it again when it hits the cheap theater... It's kind of hard to watch a movie when people keep on turning on their dome-lights, walking past your car, and such ^^;. It was fun going to the drive-in with my mom, though XD. It's been awhile since just me and her have hung out. She totally doesn't know anything about Harry Potter, and has only seen the first and third movies, so I had fun explaining the whole movie to her too XD.

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