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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (jdrama) - Episode 2

I know I made no post about the first episode of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (HanaKimi), but the second episode was so amusing that I had to go ahead and make a post XD. I may retread the amusing parts of the first episode later. *nodnod*

Anyway, yes, I wasn't sure whether or not I really liked Oguri Shun's character, Sano, that much... until his deep, dark secret was exposed, anyway XD.

For some reason, Sano kisses Ashiya! Omgz, why? Does Sano know that Ashiya is actually a girl o.o???

Ashiya doesn't really get it, but she has a cool reaction. And I thought she liked this guy ^^;?

But no... Sano has no idea what's going on. He's just drunk. Off of pickles. Seriously. And it seems when he gets drunk, he turns into a kiss monster XD. Nakatsu explains all this, whilst smacking Sano on the butt XDD.

Holy crap, he's smashed XDD. Notice the awesome handprint Ashiya donned him with, from earlier.

One by one, everyone in the room admits to being kissed by drunk-off-pickles!Sano. This guy who apparently keeps at least 3 girlfriends at a time looks incredibly happy to have been an added notch to Sano's kissy-belt.

Nakatsu looks a bit disturbed by it, though XD.

Omg, someone get this boy a hug XD.


Even Nakatsu's psychic boyfriend gets in on the action <3.

These two guys, too.

And him.

This guy too.

Him too.


Don't forget him.

Plus him.

And this guy.

Him also.


Oh... I don't even want to know XD.


So yes, Sano has basically made out with every guy, girl, and animal in the school XD. My love for him is now unrivaled. I'M SORRY FOR EVER DOUBTING YOU, SANO <3!!!

Anyway, after the whole kissing fiasco, we find out that Nakatsu is very troubled... because his dokidoki'ing heart won't slow down when he's around Ashiya, whom he thinks is a boy. POOR NAKATSU! WE KNOW YOU LIKE WOMEN, DON'T WORRY! *snerk* Your psychic boyfriend knows it too!

But anyway, with his feelings out of control, when Ashiya is around, sometimes gross things like this happens XDD. He's able to quickly recoup, though (after Ashiya wipes the drool off his chin, anyway).

Then they both see the school whore-- I MEAN SANO, and decide to spy on what's goin' on. Might I add, OMG, THEY ARE THE BEST HIDERS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD? Very crafty XD.

It turns out Sano is talkin' to... OMG, IT'S TENIMYU!TEZUKA! He's an ass in this show, really XD. Even his orange tracksuit screams asshole, although what comes out of his mouth does that well enough for him.

but anyway, blahblahblahotherstuffhappens, everyonealmostfindsoutAshiyaisreallyagirlbutthentheydon't, and THEN THE MOMENT WE WERE ALL HOPING WOULD HAPPEN AGAIN--

Oh Sano, we all love you so much XD. KISUMON, GO!!!

Sano almost plants one on Ashiya, but Nakatsu can't stand the thought of Ashiya being kissed by him, so... he gets kissed himself, in his attempts to pull Sano away from Ashiya XDD.

And it seems that Nakatsu has peered into the very bowels of hell XD.

THE END! I THINK! I don't really remember if anything happened after this point, as I was dying of too much laughter XD. This show is really made up of all kinds of win <3. Everyone watch it! Ping me on AIM if you need download links, or want it in a file transfer.
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