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Today I was a total bum ^^. I'm still in the pajamas that I slept in last night, and it is about 7pm right now. I even went to the art building in my chile pepper pajama pants, and Five Iron Frenzy t-shirt. It was fun ^^. Plus, last night Stallion dyed my hair bright red. The dye only sticks to bleached strands, but we're going to buy some professional stuff that goes on bright red over dark hair (I've seen it, it is real ^^). Stallion has her own hair salon in my bathroom o.O;. Plus, Noa has a henna station in the living room. If anyone needs any aesthetic changes, hop on over to my dorm, we could probably help you ^^;.

But now I am going to go study for my Psychology final. I'm going to be a dissapointed if I do badly on this final, what with all this studying I'm doing o.O;. Good luck to anyone else who happens to read this, and are studying for the evilness known as finals week.

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