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*happy dance*

I... I... I got a B.

I GOT A B IN PHYSICS ^o^! *dances around happily*

Our teacher handed a paper around the room that had our current grade on it (including the experiment and test), and I was all happy that I had an 82.7%. But then after ten minutes or so, he springs it on the class that if we have an A or B, then we can walk away with our current grade.

*blinkblink* I promptly did the OMG-I-DON'T-HAVE-TO-TAKE-THE-FINAL! victory dance (which was just compromised of me almost fainting). I got a B. Even though I worked my butt off in that class, I never expected to actually pass with a half decent grade XD. *RELIEVED!*

Oh yes, and the experiment I was fretting over, that I had to do in front of the class on Tuesday... IT WORKED! Hooray XD. My cup + plate + water + fire magic trick wasn't as cool as some of the other people's experiments, but at least I didn't put myself IN MORTAL DANGER. Kera, one of the girls in my study group, actually 1) laid down on a bed of nails, 2) put another bed of nails on top of her, 3) put a cinder block on top of that on her torso, and then 4) let Bryan break the cinder block with a sledge hammer. Holy crap, I was terrified when she did that XD. Here is a thoughtful diagram of the situation.

bed of nails
bed of nails

Aaaannnyway, I'm going to SLEEP IN tomorrow. I hope. *will try her darndest* It will be a grand and happy occasion <3.

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